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Understanding Local SEO: Best Practices and Why They Matter

You’re ready to give your website and other online pages a fresh look. Since you are targeting consumers who are closer to home, it pays to understand how to make the most of local SEO in Toronto.

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How to Get Online Reviews for your Small Business

A friend tells you about a new restaurant. They rave about the fresh ingredients, the attentive service, the great prices – and how the burgers are out of this world.

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How a good PR campaign can boost the profile of your small business

All the day-to-day admin associated with running a business doesn’t leave much time to think about the benefits publicity could bring. But now that your business is ready to grow, the moment to encourage greater interest from the public might have arrived.

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2 online pitfalls to avoid on your website

It’s not that I’m impatient or incapable of digging deeper to figure out how to track down a person. I pass because I feel the business owner is sending an unpleasant message. That message is that they don’t want to be bothered with pesky people who may dare to inquire about products. How else to explain their failure to provide a quick and easy way to get in touch?

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Working with a Designer: 5 Essential Tips to Get the Best Results

Working with a designer can help you create a polished website or a visually appealing piece of sales collateral. But like the old joke about the United States and England being two countries separated by a common language, you may find that you and your designer use slightly different terminology or you have divergent views on the importance of certain tasks.

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Why your client needs a responsive website - not an app

Find out why a responsive website will meet most clients’ needs far better than an app — and when an app might be the right call.

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